Tycoon RE has been acquired by Crowdfunding Consortium.  

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About Tycoon Real Estate

Tycoon Real Estate was launched to harness the then-untested power of the crowd to fund real estate. The idea was simple: provide a platform matching developers and investors, with investments starting as low as $1,000. With professionally vetted developers and a diverse set of projects, Tycoon set out to revolutionize the world of real estate investing.  

Things took an unexpected turn when Tycoon founder Aaron McDaniel appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank to pitch this groundbreaking idea to the show’s panel of celebrity entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, the sharks were turned off by the concept of crowdfunding, which was still fairly new back in 2015, and McDaniel walked away without a deal.  

Tycoon soldiered on until the Shark Tank episode aired, which sent a deluge of unique visitors to the under-prepared website, crashing it. Tycoon appeared to be finished.  

But, in the great tradition of lemons to lemonade, Tycoon was acquired by a consortium of larger crowdfunding platforms, including American Homeowner Preservation, Peer Realty, Patch of Land, CrowdFranchise, and EquityRoots.  

TycoonRE exists now as an educational space and as a gateway to the world of real estate crowdfunding. Aaron McDaniels’s project might have failed, but real estate and equity crowdfunding are booming industries, with $1.4 billion in funds raised between the two of them in 2016 alone. The sharks on Shark Tank may have said “I’m out,” but thousands of investors have already said, “I’m in.”  

American Homeowner Preservation

American Homeowner Preservation is deeply committed to helping as many American homeowners as possible avoid foreclosure. We purchase pools of distressed mortgages at deep discounts and then share those discounts with the families whose mortgages we service. By striving to find financially transformative solutions that avoid the expense and personal cost of foreclosure, we are able to turn a profit while simultaneously affording homeowners the opportunity to hold on to the American Dream.

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